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Made from highly durable foam to complement the natural curve of the spine, the Oov works by activating core stabilizing muscles while also gently extending the spine to stimulate healthy inter-vertebral disc lubrication. From stretching to core strengthening to rehabilitation or for relaxation purposes, the Oov offers significant benefits for spinal health.


Use the Oov and the body instinctively enlists the muscles necessary to stay on, strengthening postural muscles, including transverse and rectus abdominus, pelvic floor and the diaphragm, safely in neutral spine. Your body can’t cheat because the Oov provides an UNSTABLE base of support which gives you true stability and core strength. That’s the difference. This transfers to functional movement, meaning it strengthens you to carry out activities and tasks of the day thus preventing injury.


Creates efficient activation of the diaphragm, leading to improved oxygenation—in turn, decreasing our stress hormones like cortisol and our “fight or flight response.” Creates efficiency of movement through improved range of motion and flexibility and strength. Shoulders are moving in their correct form; hips and pelvis are correctly aligned.  Stabilising muscles are engaged, all leading to improvement in fitness and general wellbeing and function.


Under the guidance of an Oov Certified Medical Practitioner, all injuries can be safely rehabilitated using the Oov. From ankles injuries, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, back injuries, and including post-op rehabilitation, there are few contraindications.


Just by merely relaxing and laying on the Oov there will be an increased lengthening of the whole spine as the OOV rests from the base of the head to the tip of the tailbone. The front of the chest opens, often rounded into forward posture by our lifestyles of sitting in cars and sitting in front of desks and computers. The body conforms to the Oov. The specially designed Oov material is designed to provide feedback to the body’s neural system. The body instinctively enlists the correct postural muscles, resulting in correctly activated, engaged postural support muscles.


Reprograms the joints into true neutral (the shoulder, the hip, the pelvis, and the spine), allowing the body to move effectively and efficiently by opening joints and thereby allowing freedom of movement. Creates movement and flexibility of the thoracic region (mid back). Allows the hips to move independent of the pelvis as it was designed to do – hip disassociation. Opens the shoulder joint allowing a better range of motion of the shoulder, as it is designed to do. Joints moving through their correct range of motion are not restricted, thereby decreasing or removing pain altogether.


Causes traction of lumbar spine and extends the thoracic spine, thereby creating decompression of inte-vertebral disc and returning the spine to true neutral. Improves thoracic (mid back) mobility, allowing rotation, and extension of the spine. Resets the cervical spine (upper spine) posture to neutral position, which reduces neck and shoulder muscle tension and headaches caused by forward head posture. Just by merely laying on the Oov to reset the spine into neutral position will greatly benefit the body.

Physiotherapist John Appel introduces the Oov

The Oov helps turn on your core muscles automatically so you don’t have to think about it. We have people who are qualifying for events they haven’t been able to qualify for before, and we have people achieving success in the workspace and on the athletic field because of enhanced core stability.

-John Appel, Physiotherapist

My Pilates studio clientele are mostly rehab and many have very complex and often chronic pain issues. In 99% of cases in working with my clients on the Oov we get profound changes in the first session (something that would have taken weeks or months to fix previously). I can have clients that walk in limping and walk out normally.

-Carolyn Thompson, Pilates By Design

What Pilates teachers have to say about the Oov

The extra stability in the core has really helped strengthen my back, so with less back pain on the bike during Iron Man, I believe I’ve knocked off a good 10 minutes on my bike time. And this year that was the difference between qualifying for the world champs in Hawaii.

-Bevan Littler, Ironman Triathlete

The beauty of the Oov is that you are focusing on your core for the entire 45 minute class without even realising it. The Oov itself supports your back and neck and simply by balancing correctly on the Oov your core is working – all by itself. Genius.

-Lisa Potter, Fitness Journal

Rave reviews

“To say that Oov has revolutionized my clients’ lives is a massive understatement”

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