Oov Workshops 2017

Oov Certification Workshops

Module 1: The Oov Foundation Course

The Oov is being used with great success by physiotherapists and other health and fitness professionals right here in New Zealand.

The Oov is a biofeedback device for core stability, joint mobility, and dynamic control of the spine. It trains the core using proven motor learning principles, allowing the client to engage the core in neutral spine without thinking about core control when performing functional movements or sporting activities. It is a great tool as it can be used to Assess, Correct, and Perfect movement patterns and enhance the way a person Performs.

The workshop includes a Functional Rehabilitation Program that covers stability, thoracic mobilisation, shoulder rehabilitation, motor control exercises, and Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning Programs. Oov inventor Daniel Vladeta has completely redesigned the course, using the Oov on many different planes with the Eccentric Activation needed for greater strength and control.

When:  1st Nov 2017 (Sunday)
What:  One day course 9am-5pm
Venue:  Flex Fitness Mount Maunganui, 36a MacDonald St, Mount Maunganui
Presenter:  John Appel
Prerequisite:  None
Pricing:  $500 (includes an Oov valued at $250)
Late rego day of workshop:  $525
Reservation deposit:  $250*

*Reservation deposit is non-refundable. Balance due at the Friday before the workshop.

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