The Oov Movement Programme

This online programme will show you how to progressively improve flexibility and mobility while increasing your core strength. Remember to follow the programme step-by-step to get the most out of your Oov and progress only when you can easily do each exercise.

Oov Introduction

The Oov: Getting On and Off

The Oov: Exercise 1

The Oov: Exercise 2.1

The Oov: Exercise 2.2

The Oov: Exercise 3

The Oov: Exercise 4

The Oov: Exercise 5.1

The Oov: Exercise 5.2

The Oov: Exercise 6

The Oov: Exercise 7

The Oov: Exercise 7.2

The Oov: Exercise 8

The Oov: Exercise 9

Rave reviews

“To say that Oov has revolutionized my clients’ lives is a massive understatement”

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Improve your core strength and become faster, stronger, better with less effort

“Weekend gardening is my happy place, but come Monday the back pain was miserable and limiting. I was introduced to the Oov by my Physiotherapist. Using the Oov  was exciting and challenging and  I quickly became an Oov convert. I was able to progress quickly and am now able to do advanced moves. I recognised that improving my core strength, my flexibility and movement patterns was hugely impacting not just my back health but overall wellness and strength. Now I can spend more time in the garden. It has been life changing.”

“For a while now I have had shoulder issues and discomfit.  Recently I was introduced to the Oov by a colleague of mine who is Oov Certified.  After just one session where I was taken through some gentle shoulder mobilising techniques, I immediately felt less tightness in my chest and shoulders and back, my movements felt free,  I was standing taller and felt  lighter—somehow like I had had a full  muscle release.  I was amazed.  I can’t wait for another session on the Oov.”

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