Spotlight on: Oov

Spotlight on: Oov




The Oov is a new and increasingly popular way to work on core strength. Hamilton physiotherapist John Appel has been training local health professionals in the Oov and how it works. Already it is proving hugely popular, with Waikato rugby players and personal trainers using it regularly. Fitness Journal decided to try it out and find out what all the fuss is about.

How does it work

As you lie on the Oov, it gently extends your spine and activates your core muscles, causing your spine to rest in a neutral position. The Oov is deliberately unstable, so your brain must constantly adjust your core muscles to remain balanced on the Oov. Most people have some tightness in their body and their bodies are restricted in some way. The Oov retrains your body to move correctly because it forces you to use and strengthen each part of your body in isolation from other parts and strengthens the core’s ability to maintain a posture or control motion. Your body then develops the ability to work more efficiently as each body part performs as it is meant to.

Where did it originate

Oov was designed by an Australian Osteopath and Neuroscientist as a better alternative to using a rolled towel to lengthen the spine which is widely used by health professionals currently.

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Introducing the Oov

Who can it benefit and how

Almost everyone can benefit from the Oov. If you are an athlete, the Oov can dramatically improve your strength and performance while also reducing your chance of injury. If you are recovering from abdominal surgery or back pain, the Oov will complement your rehabilitation programme. Whether you live a sedentary or active lifestyle, the Oov will allow you to function better every day.

Why physiotherapist John Appel is promoting the Oov

When I came across the Oov I was impressed at the benefits that it provided across so many different applications. The Oov will change the way that we view spine-related conditions. It can be used in physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, pilates, relaxation, fitness and performance areas and more.

“I wanted to be a part of bringing this device to New Zealand as it is so much better at training a body to function at its peak than anything else I have come across throughout my 15 years as a health professional.”

Where you can do it

At Advance Wellness Centre in central Hamilton. Oov classes run daily at set times (between three and four time slots most days). Choose from Oov (45 minutes) or Oov CoreBlast (a shorter more intense class, 30 minutes). Also several personal trainers at Les Mills are trained to use the Oov.

What is unique about it

The Oov is unique in that it subliminally or subconsciously strengthens your core, so that your core automatically activates and improves your strength and performance in daily life; whether you are doing an extreme sport, or hanging out the washing. You don’t have to think hard when you’re training on it, your body just engages the right muscles.

Oov class improves fitness and wellbeing
Fitness class using the Oov for core strengthening
Oov class increases core strength and stability

How important is it to learn from professionals

Certainly those in rehabilitation or sports performance should be doing any programme under the supervision of a health or fitness professional for maximum benefit. For the average person, the Oov can be used independently as there are exercises and apps available online. However it is recommended that anyone looking to begin using the Oov goes along to some Oov classes, where there is an expert on hand to answer any questions or concerns. (It’s important to attend a minimum of 6-10 classes to get the basics right on the Oov, once this is done then using the Oov at home is far more effective.)

Most common misconception

The Oov looks odd and is deceptively simple. Until you have tried it, or have been recommended it by your health professional, you may dismiss the Oov as a gimmick. It is not a gimmick, nor will it just be a passing phase. This device will benefit the health and performance of many in the years to come.

Reprinted by permission from Advance Wellness Centre.
Published in Fitness Journal (August 11, 2014)

Reprinted by permission from Advance Wellness Centre. Published in Fitness Journal (August 11, 2014)

Rave reviews

"To say that Oov has revolutionized my clients' lives is a massive understatement"

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